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BY StudyMEDIC Admin - 25th Nov 2023

Columns Charting Your Path: Winning Strategies for Securing a Clinical Attachment in the NHS

A clinical attachment, also known as an observership, entails the experience of shadowing a healthcare team within a hospital department aligned with one’s future professional interest. In a prior blog post, we delved into the intricacies of observerships, exploring their advantages and disadvantages Refer to the previous blog here– Why should you participate in a […]

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BY Sane K P - 22nd Nov 2023

StudyPLAB PLAB: Ways To Prepare Yourself for the First Hurdle

Overseas doctors tend to have a lot of queries regarding the best possible ways to prepare for PLAB. This is largely due to the numerous online resources available and the different reviews and prices. Read on to discover some of the best resources and courses that will benefit you in your PLAB 1 exam preparation. […]

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BY Sane K P - 09th Nov 2023

StudyPLAB PLAB And MRCP: Comparison of the Two Exams and Analysis of Their Relevance

PLAB is quintessentially an exam that evaluates the skills and knowledge of MBBS graduates. Besides, there are two parts to this exam. Moreover, this exam decides whether the graduates are eligible to practice in the UK. On the other hand, MRCP is a postgraduate qualification. This exam further consists of three parts. Both PLAB and […]

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BY Sane K P - 28th Oct 2023

StudyPLAB PLAB 1 Exam: Tips to Follow for The Perfect Preparation

The PLAB 1 exam is not easy by any stretch of imagination. There are question banks and free materials everywhere. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean you take the preparation lightly expecting questions to repeat themselves. Read on to know more about this demanding exam and find ways to prepare for it better. The PLAB 1 exam […]

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BY Mariya P J - 19th Oct 2023

Uncategorized Booking window for PLAB/UKMLA 1 November 2023 examination closes today ; How to book your seats ?

Are you an international medical graduate looking to practice medicine in the UK? If so, here’s an important update for you. The booking window for the PLAB/UKMLA 1 November 2023 examination closes today. According to the latest updates, the exam is scheduled to be held on November 2, 2023. The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board […]

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BY StudyMEDIC Admin - 14th Oct 2023

Columns Enriching Your Medical Journey: Understanding Clinical Attachments

A clinical attachment, sometimes referred to as an observer-ship, involves shadowing a healthcare team within a hospital department of your future interest. It’s generally undertaken to gain insights into the functioning of that specific specialty or department while also familiarizing yourself with the broader NHS infrastructure. Despite what you may have heard, taking up a […]

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BY Sane K P - 02nd Sep 2023

StudyPLAB How to Plan your PLAB Journey in India?

Medical aspirants today have begun to consider the possibilities of a career in the UK by appearing for the PLAB test. However, to pull this off, you should be well aware about the steps involved in applying for the exam in India. How to apply? Acquire a Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) The primary factor any […]

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BY Anitta Verghese - 05th Aug 2023

StudyPLAB A Medical Career in Australia with PLAB

Quality health systems and job opportunities make Australia a good place for doctors to work and live. Being a doctor in Australia is a respected profession. You are an important part of the community and moreover you are able to earn a high salary and enjoy excellent job conditions. Several international medical graduates (IMGs) consider […]

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BY Mariya P J - 06th Jun 2023

StudyPLAB PLAB 1 vs PLAB 2: exam structure and content, an in-depth look

For international medical graduates seeking to practice medicine in the UK, the PLAB exams are a crucial step in the process. Comprised of two parts -PLAB 1 and PLAB 2, these assessments evaluate the knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities of doctors who have obtained their qualifications overseas. PLAB 1: Building the foundation PLAB 1 serves […]

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BY Sajini Shefeek - 08th Jan 2022

StudyPLAB StudyMEDIC – Why We Love Mentoring

Acquainting a student is an essential and critical factor for excellence. When done right a course or a mentor should empower and encourage the students to become more confident to present their skills and knowledge without any hesitance. This the sole reason why “StudyMRCOG are the best mentors for OBS & GYN courses such as MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPS OBG & EBCOG. Over the past three years, as part of our forthcoming books

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