A Medical Career in Australia with PLAB

Fri 05, 2024
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Quality health systems and job opportunities make Australia a good place for doctors to work and live. Being a doctor in Australia is a respected profession. You are an important part of the community and moreover you are able to earn a high salary and enjoy excellent job conditions.

Several international medical graduates (IMGs) consider Australia as a preferred destination for a career as a doctor. Primarily, being registered as a doctor in Australia involves the Australian Medical Council Exams (AMC).

However, for doctors who have already worked in more than one country, there are alternatives. The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) is one among them. But you need to make sure that you meet all the required criteria for your PLAB to get recognized in Australia.

How does PLAB work in Australia?

Doctors are often unsure whether the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) is valid in Australia. The fact of the matter is that the Medical Board of Australia recognizes the PLAB. This means you don’t have to appear for the AMC exams. You just need to apply for registration through the “competent authority pathway.”

You wouldn’t even be required to prove your English language proficiency. However, you need to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements. Moreover, it is mandatory that doctors who complete the PLAB should also complete 12 months of supervising training in the United Kingdom. In the event you have not completed this training you will not be accepted.

 Purpose of AMC Examination

The AMC exams are the primary resort for doctors from most other countries to apply to work as a registered doctor in Australia. Besides, it is illegal to work in Australia as a doctor without medical registration.

Similar to the PLAB, the AMC exam is composed of a written (multiple choice) examination and clinical examination. Australia sets high standards for medical practice. Hence, the country doesn’t directly recognize the output of medical schools from many countries.

 What is The Competent Authority Pathway?

The Medical Board of Australia regards the medical school training systems of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United States of America and Canada on a par with the Australian medical system. Medical graduates from these countries need not prove that they are capable of working as a doctor in Australia. Moreover, they are exempted from sitting additional examinations.

Graduates of the UK, US and Canada can apply for registration in Australia, provided they have completed the requirements for being registered doctors in their country. In addition, a job offer is also required before applying for registration.

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