How to Plan your PLAB Journey in India?

Fri 05, 2024
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Medical aspirants today have begun to consider the possibilities of a career in the UK by appearing for the PLAB test. However, to pull this off, you should be well aware about the steps involved in applying for the exam in India.

How to apply?

Acquire a Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ)

The primary factor any medical aspirant should be aware of is that taking the PMQ (Primary Medical Qualification, e.g., MBBS) is mandatory for attempting the exam. A candidate can appear for PLAB without the main diploma or certificate. However, it is necessary for applying for a valid and full GMC (General Medical Council) registration once the internship or house job is completed.

Get an admissible Internship

A suitable internship is a prerequisite for full GMC registration. Moreover, it has to commence prior to the final year of study or soon after graduation. In addition, the duration must be a minimum of 12 months.

The internship can include at least 3 months in surgery and 3 months in medicine spanning over a period of 12 to 18 months. Or else, it can include 6 months in surgery and 6 months in medicine over a period of 18 months or more. Lastly, the GMC (UK) is more likely to approve such an internship.

Prove your English Proficiency

A medical aspirant should get a good score in either IELTS or OET. In addition, make sure the scores are good as they are valid only for two years.

Take PLAB 1

Every candidate should take PLAB 1 using a GMC online account. Make sure you know the application procedure well. Generally, the exam takes place twice, in March and November. Furthermore, make sure you book for the PLAB 1 test using smart preparation strategies to score well.

Verify your credentials

EPIC (Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials) is an electronic portal that transmits the verification to a registered organization like the GM. Besides, it makes sure that all the papers submitted regarding the PMQ are legitimate.

Take PLAB 2 and apply for UK Visitor Visa

A candidate may take PLAB 1 by preparing on their own, but for PLAB 2 one is better off attending various courses or academies. Besides, it can be a daunting task to score well and get the GMC registration within the same visa period (6 months).

Pay a Visit to UK

The candidate will be provided with a standard visitor visa which is only valid for six months. Make the most of this duration to complete PLAB 2 exam, application for the GMC registration, applying for a job and attending interviews.

Complete GMC registration

If a candidate is present in the UK when PLAB 2 results come out, one can apply for GMC registration. Make sure you have all evidence for the process with you. Make the payment using a credit card.

Try for jobs with the NHS

A candidate can be officially appointed anywhere in the UK once a full GMC registration and a license to practise is obtained. It is always better to start at a non-training job like a trust grade post or LAS to get into the system. It is more advisable to get into training applications after gaining some NHS (National Health Services) experience.

Apply for Tier 2 (work) Visa

Once a medical aspirant has cleared the interview and got into a job, all that is left to be done is to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa or Health and Care Worker Visa. This is a far easier process than the standard visitor visa which requires a Sponsor license number and Certificate of Sponsorship number while applying.

Follow these steps and make your dream of a successful medical career in the UK come true.

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