PLAB 1 Exam: Tips to Follow for The Perfect Preparation

Fri 05, 2024
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The PLAB 1 exam is not easy by any stretch of imagination. There are question banks and free materials everywhere. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean you take the preparation lightly expecting questions to repeat themselves. Read on to know more about this demanding exam and find ways to prepare for it better.

The PLAB 1 exam is an MCQ based exam with single best answer questions (SBAs). In addition, it is a computer-marked written multiple choice type exam. Each question starts with a short scenario and is followed by a question. Lastly, one needs to choose the right one out of five possible answers which will be labeled A to E.

Time Required

The best time to start preparing for the PLAB 1 exam varies according to each individual. It is however recommended that you begin your preparation three to six months before the exam date. This should be enough time to cover all the necessary topics and practice enough questions to improve your chances to succeed.

Passing The Exam

The pass mark for Part 1 is 170. Candidates have a maximum of four attempts to pass the exam. Most candidates find the PLAB 1 exam challenging due to the vast amount of knowledge that needs to be acquired and retained. It is possible to pass the exam with dedicated preparation and practice.

The \General Medical Council\ (GMC) website provides plenty of information regarding the PLAB 1 exam. Exam syllabus and sample questions are also included. Enrolling in a PLAB preparation course is also worth contemplating.

Way To Prepare

Gather study materials and resources from reputable sources. Understand the questions and the answers from the question banks. Try to also figure out why other options are incorrect. Try to avoid rushing yourself and simply memorize answers. Better create a timeline within which you dedicate how many questions per day and so on.

Give yourself enough time to review adequately before the exam. Also make sure to use the reference books for clarification. Manage your time well enough by doing mocks. This has to be done right before the exam in a proper exam-like setting. Make sure you time yourself and you are in a quiet room.

Hope you found this information useful for your exam preparation. All the best!

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