PLAB or MRCP: Navigating the Path to Practicing Medicine in the UK

Fri 06, 2024
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If you are thinking about moving to the UK and practicing as a doctor, then you need the much-coveted GMC registration. There are two paths available for achieving that dream: sitting through the PLAB exam or attending the MRCP exam.

What are PLAB and MRCP

PLAB and MRCP offer a path to achieving a practicing license in the UK. But they are vastly different in the amount of preparation needed to prepare to take the exam and the types of jobs each offers.

The PLAB Exam is short for Professional Linguistic Assessment Board examination conducted by the General Medical Council (UK) intended to evaluate potential international doctors wishing to work in the UK.

The MRCP exam is short for Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, which is conducted by the Royal College of Physicians and intended to provide the prestigious title to physicians who meet the strict requirements

Exam Formats

One of the major differences between PLAB and MRCP is the variation in exam formats that leads to distinct preparation strategies and the types of jobs.

The PLAB exam consists of two exams that test your theoretical and clinical knowledge. The theory part, PLAB Part 1, is a three-hour test that has 180 MCQs that comprehensively evaluate your knowledge base. PLAB Part 2 is a clinical examination that emulates a medical setting.

The MRCP exam consists of three exams that test your theoretical and clinical expertise thoroughly. MRCP Parts 1 and 2 test your knowledge base with a MCQ based test and a written test, respectively. The third and final part is MRCP PACES, which tests your clinical skills.

The Future Prospects

Candidates usually choose the right one for them among these two by evaluating the vastly different career prospects both of them lead to. PLAB is chosen by students as an easier path to practicing medicine in the UK. As it only offers junior positions right after earning the license.

MRCP is more well-reputed, and with its postgraduate status, successful candidates are offered ST3+ NHS jobs, which is a great growth opportunity for students just a year past their graduation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or confusion regarding the right choice for you.

By : rasheedaav

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